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Turbo Roof Ventilator & Sky Lights

Having gained years of industry experience and expertise we are offering Turbo Roof Ventilator to our clients. Turbo Roof Ventilator is notable for its excellent attributes which includes long service life, best grade components, high durability and low maintenance cost. Our experts have made the entire range by using top grade components and material. It can be easily installed and can be availed at competitive price.

Sky Lights

Skylight is any horizontal window, Roof lantern or Oculus, placed at the roof of the building, often used for daylighting. White translucent acrylic is a 'Lambertian Diffuser' meaning transmitted light is perfectly diffused and distributed evenly over affected areas. This means, among other advantages, that light source quality standards are measured relative to white acrylic transmission. White acrylic domes provide even light distribution throughout the day. Skylights admit more light per unit area than windows, and distribute it more evenly over a space.

The optimal area of skylights (usually quantified as "effective aperture") varies according to climate, latitude, and the characteristics of the skylight, but is usually 4-8% of floor area. The thermal performance of skylights is affected by